SanAmmat F®

Milk Replacer for piglets


more milk yield
balanced growth
improved weaning weights
fewer losses
healthy piglets

SanAmmat F® - The universal piglet milk replacer relieves the mother sows and promotes piglet growth


Effects of SanAmmat F®

  • is welcome by the piglets
  • stabilises digestion
  • relieves the mother sow
  • promotes the growth of all piglets
  • provides for weaker piglets

Product Features


SanAmmat F® is the milk for suckling piglets which is suitable for technical feeders and application in cups as well.

Composition similar to the sow’s milk:

  • Highly digestible components for consistent growth
  • Minerals, trace elements, vitamins and active substances for maximum health and high daily weight gain
  • Lactic acid bacteria and the amino acid glutamine for maximum intestinal health and a stable digestion
  • Natural milk flavour stimulates milk intake
  • Stabilisers for a long durability
  • Universally applicable
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:


suckling period


Mix up to 200g of SanAmmat F per litre of water and offer the piglet milk to your suckling piglets for free intake.
In addition, have your sowing diets optimised by your Sano Distributor to further increase the milk yield of your sows.

The Sano Quality Promise

  • Quality Ingredients

  • Safe Products

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Transparency in All Aspects