Healthy Growth

Healthy Growth within Modern Animal Nutrition

Striving for healthy growth in general and in modern animal nutrition in particular, is our daily challenge and goal. We at Sano have a global responsibility, together with our dedicated employees, to make a significant contribution not only to the agricultural industry, but to the overall wellbeing of nature, mankind and animals. These values, thoughts and actions determine the future of our partnerships with farmers, veterinarians, businesses and society.

The 4 elements that we at Sano believe lead to overall growth and wellbeing are as follows:

  • Agriculture: An agricultural environment needs animals to achieve significant growth. As a producer of highly effective products for animal nutrition, we lay the foundation for the economic success of our clients and their businesses.
  • Animals: Together with farmers and vets, we develop innovative feeding concepts that assist the animals in achieving healthy growth in every phase of life and performance.
  • Man: Through focusing on the health of animals, we contribute to the healthy growth of mankind.
  • The Environment:  We are committed to protecting the environment by using resources efficiently - making more from using less - and that a balance between agriculture and modern animal nutrition must always exist.