PreKern Forte

The safe weaning diet


fewer losses
healthy piglets
best feed conversion ratio
balanced growth
safe weaning
high daily weight gain

PreKern® Forte - The strong core for a safe weaning diet


Effects of PreKern® Forte

  • increases feed intake after weaning
  • protects the pigs against diarrhoea and digestive disorders
  • promotes piglets' growth
  • supports the immune system of pigs and keeps them strong and healthy
  • ensures a safe transition from the suckling phase to the weaning period

Product Features

  • The components of PreKern® Forte and  PreKern® Forte 3 are matched with those of Bonni-M® to make the feeding transition as smooth as possible
  • All the valuable nutrients of milk (lactose, milk protein, fat) for a good taste and excellent digestibility
  • AromiSan® ensures high feed intake
  • Highly digestible protein components free of anti-nutritional substances
  • Wafer meal as a high quality energy source with available starch
  • SangroSan® to optimize digestive processes and to reduce the feed’s acid binding capacity
  • ButySanProtect® to improve intestinal health, feed intake and feed conversion ratio
  • Highly available mineral components, such as monocalcium phosphate, calcium formiate and calcium butyrate, with low acid binding capacity
  • Phytase to improve the utilization of phosphorus, calcium, amino acids and trace elements and to decrease the acid binding capacity of the diet
  • All essential amino acids (lysine, methionine/cystine, threonine and tryptophan) in a balanced ratio to improve protein quality and to reduce the feed’s acid binding capacity
  • StabiloSan® strengthens the resistance and prevents the occurrence of diseases
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:


weaning period


Mix 25 % PreKern® Forte into your diet for weaning piglets, optimised by your Sano feed consultant. To make feed changes as easy as possible for the piglets, continue feeding them Bonni-M® Forte for 2 days after weaning in the flatdeck and then mix it for 4 days (1:1) with the weaning feed with PreKern® Forte before changing completely.

The Sano Quality Promise

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  • Safe Products

  • Environmental Sustainability

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