Bonni-M Forte®

The candy for piglets made from milk


improved weaning weights
safe weaning
Homogenous litters
fewer losses

Bonni-M Forte® - The milk supplement, for suckling piglets with for the best development


Effects of Bonni-M Forte®

  • increases piglets' feed intake
  • prepares the digestive tract for solid feed
  • supports piglets' digestion
  • stimulates piglets' growth and development
  • relieves the sow
  • eases the change from milk to solid feed

Product Features

  • All the valuable nutrients of milk (lactose, milk protein, fat) combined with a good taste and excellent digestibility
  • AromiSchwein® stimulates feed intake
  • Highly digestible protein components free of anti-nutritional substances
  • Wafer meal as a high quality energy source with available starch
  • SangroSan® creates an ideal environment in the digestive tract, stabilizes the micro flora and prevents diarrhea
  • ButySan Protect® to improve intestinal health, feed intake and feed conversion ratio
  • Highly available mineral components, such as monocalcium phosphate, calcium formiate and calcium butyrate, with low acid binding capacity
  • Phytase improves the digestion of phosphorus, calcium, amino acids and trace elements, and decreases the acid binding capacity
  • A balanced ratio of amino acids to optimize protein quality and to reduce acid binding capacity
  • A combination of selected vitamins and trace elements improves the immune system and supports the metabolism
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:


suckling period

Active Substances


To encourage intestinal health and digestion


ButySanProtect consists of protected butyric acid, which provides an important energy source for the growth of the intestinal villi .

The villi are responsible for transferring nutrients from the diet into the blood . Butyric  passes through the stomach into the small intestine ,and presents itself in protected form as ButySanProtect . Moreover ButySanProtect contains highly digestible calcium sources with low acid binding capacity .

The benefits : promotes a healthy intestinal flora, reduces indigestion, increases the feed intake and weight gain, improves feed efficiency.


The aroma concept for pigs


AromiSchwein is an active ingredient which is created to suit the preferences of pigs and piglets. Flavors of sweet cherry improve food odor and increase palatability this increasing feed intake.

The odour of AromiSchwein leads to stimulation, formation and secretion of digestive juices implementing feed conversion.


Sprinkle small amounts of Bonni-M® Forte onto the lying surface of the piglet nest at least twice a day, starting form the 3rd day after birth. Offer Bonni-M® Forte in bowls from the second week ad libitum.

Continue to feed Bonni-M® Forte after weaning for another 2 days and mix it for about 4 days in ratio 1:1 with the feed for the weaning period containing PreKern® Forte.

The Sano Quality Promise

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