Sauengold Lac®

Increases milk yield


Increased Fertility
healthy piglets
more milk yield
improved weaning weights
low replacement rate
a lot of piglets
long usage period

Sauengold Lac® - for vital breeding sows with high milk yield


Effects of Sauengold Lac®

  • stimulates appetite and feed intake
  • increases the milk production of sows
  • strong and healthy joints and hooves
  • quick growth of piglets
  • promotes the health and vitality of both sow and piglets
  • decreases the ratio of repeat breeding
  • improves reproductive performance

Product Features

  • AromiSchwein® increases feed intake
  • An ideal combination of the essential amino acids lysine, methionine/cysteine and threonine to avoid protein excess
  • Sulphur components protect sulphur containing amino acids (methionine and threonine) and thus support milk production
  • Highly digestible mineral components such as monocalcium phosphate
  • Phytase for improved utilization of phosphorus, calcium, amino acids and trace elements and to diminish the base excess of the feed
  • StabiloSan® to improve resistance and metabolic processes
  • Biotin and zinc to stabilize skin, joints and hooves
  • Fertisan® ensures good fertility
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:

Breeding Sows

steam up
open days

Active Substances


Promotes a healthy heart for high perfomance
StabiloSan® is a special combination of active ingredients that assist in developing resistance in the immune system of the animals, especially in stressful situations and at very high performance. This minimises animal losses due to infectious diseases and cardiovascular failure.

StabiloSan® increases the content of essential and immunostimulatory vitamins in the blood and increases the antioxidant capacity, so that cells, genetic material, membranes are protected.
StabiloSan® strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to disease.
StabiloSan® also promotes the formation of the heart and the eye muscle and protects against sudden cardiac death and back muscle degeneration. The meat quality is improved by a better protection against oxidation of the fat, and the reduction of drip losses.
StabiloSan® helps the sow during the birth process and reduces the incidence of leg weakness.

Your benefits with StabiloSan®:

Reduces loss through cardiac death.
Improved meat quality.
Healthy and resistant piglets.
Longer service life of the sows.
Lower replacement rate.

    Fertisan Sauen®

    The Fertility Activator for Sows
    Fertisan Sauen® is a specially developed for sows.
    It stimulates the fertility of sows and also improves the health and vitality of the piglets.Fertisan Sauen® stimulates the synthesis and metabolism of fertility hormones which reinforces the oestrus and protects against follicular and corpus luteum cysts and placental retention and uterine inflammation. In addition, protected by Fertisan Sauen®, the ovaries and the uterus mucosa promote ovulation and implantation of the egg, moreover, the embryonic or fetal development is supported, which increases the survival rate and number of embryos. 
    Your benefits with Fertisan Sauen®:
    Significant intoxication
    High fertility
    Resistant piglets
    More weaned piglets per sow per year
    Longer service life of the sows
    Lower replacement rate


    The aroma concept for pigs


    AromiSchwein is an active ingredient which is created to suit the preferences of pigs and piglets. Flavors of sweet cherry improve food odor and increase palatability this increasing feed intake.

    The odour of AromiSchwein leads to stimulation, formation and secretion of digestive juices implementing feed conversion.


    Mix 3.5 % Sauengold® Lac into the diet fro lactating sows, optimised by your Sano feed consultant.

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    • Environmental Sustainability

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