Sauengold Trag®

The concentrate with active ingredients for pregnant sows and rearing


long usage period
Increased Fertility
best resistance
high weights at birth
strong skeleton and hooves
low replacement rate

Sauengold Trag® - Premix 2,5% with active ingredients for sows during gestation


Effects of Sauengold Trag®

  • improves feed conversion
  • strengthens hooves and joints
  • increases their resilience 
  • promotes even growth
  • supports high fertility
  • decreases the urinary pH
  • prevents MMA
  • decreases the ratio of repeat breeding
  • improves embryo survival rate
  • supports foetal growth

Product Features

  • AromiSchwein® ensures constant appetite
  • Highly digestible mineral components such as monocalcium-phosphate
  • Phytase for improving the effectiveness with which phosphor, calcium, amino acids and trace elements are made use of in the body
  • A highly valuable combination of vitamins and active substances that improves the immunity against illness and supports the metabolism
  • Essential amino acids in an optimum combination for improving protein quality, reducing the acid-binding capacity of feed, for the best growth and for improving liquid manure balance
  • Fertisan Sauen® ensures a good level of fertility
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:

Breeding Sows

steam up
gestation period

Active Substances

Fertisan Sauen®

The Fertility Activator for Sows
Fertisan Sauen® is a specially developed for sows.

It stimulates the fertility of sows and also improves the health and vitality of the piglets.Fertisan Sauen® stimulates the synthesis and metabolism of fertility hormones which reinforces the oestrus and protects against follicular and corpus luteum cysts and placental retention and uterine inflammation. In addition, protected by Fertisan Sauen®, the ovaries and the uterus mucosa promote ovulation and implantation of the egg, moreover, the embryonic or fetal development is supported, which increases the survival rate and number of embryos. 

Your benefits with Fertisan Sauen®:
Significant intoxication
High fertility
Resistant piglets
More weaned piglets per sow per year
Longer service life of the sows
Lower replacement rate


The aroma concept for pigs


AromiSchwein is an active ingredient which is created to suit the preferences of pigs and piglets. Flavors of sweet cherry improve food odor and increase palatability this increasing feed intake.

The odour of AromiSchwein leads to stimulation, formation and secretion of digestive juices implementing feed conversion.


Mix 2.5 % Sauengold Trag® into the diet for pregnant breeding sows, optimised by your Sano feed consultant. 

The Sano Quality Promise

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  • Safe Products

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Transparency in All Aspects