Sanolac LilaCitro®

The highly soluble acidified milk replacer


low rearing costs
healthy and lively calves
high daily weight gain
early rumen development
  • Protects against digestive disorders.
  • Works well with an early intake of Meggi Calf starter.
  • Ensures quick weaning from the milk.
  • Ensures a rapid development of the rumen and rumen papillae.
  • Assists in developing healthy and strong calves.




Product Features

  • The substance SangroSan® provides the calves with a strong immune system and optimal absorption of nutrients.
  • Highly digestible milk protein (60%) and protein isolate assists with an optimal amino acid profile for high daily gains.
  • Vegetable fat with a melting point below the calves body temperature guarantees ideal digestion.
  • Lactose provides a rapidly available energy source.
  • A combination of acids prevents indigestion and protects against germs.
  • Probiotics regulate the intestinal flora and eliminate germs from the digestive tract.
  • A balanced combination of vitamins and ingredients strengthen resistance and supports metabolism.
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:


calf rearing period 1
calf rearing period 2

Beef Cattle

fattening calves

Active Substances


Promotes strong immunity in calves
  • The active ingredient SangroSan provides strong immunity in calves optimising nutrient utilisation .
  • SangroSan effectively reduces inflammation for better and more stable feed intake as well as assits in maintaining a stabalised immune defencse, a reduced nutrient consumption and a healthy liver.


  • Sanolac LilaCitro® is to be utilised after the colostrum period (from about the 5th day of life).
  • Mix 125g to 150g of Sanolac LilaCitro/litre of water, twice daily and feed to the rearing calves.
  • Temperature of water for mixing: 40 - 42 ° C
  • Drinking temperature: 38 - 40 ° C
  • Sanolac LilaCitro® can be used in automatic feeders.
  • Sanolac LilaCitro® may only be fed to calves up to the age of 6 months.


  • Supply Meggi calf starter and fresh water adlib.

The Sano Quality Promise

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