The special premix for sheep and goats


Healthy animals
Healthy udders
best fertility
Good wool quality
High milk yield

Ovisan® - The special premix for sheep and goat


Effects of Ovisan®

  • Promotes maturation and hardening of the hoof
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves the defenses of the udder
  • Promotes milk production
  • Improves fertility
  • Supports muscle growth in juveniles

Product Features

  • Vitamin E and Selenium to strengthen the immune system and to support muscle development and body conditions
  • Zinc for healthy and strong hooves
  • Manganese to support muscle function and to prevent tetany
  • Vitamin B complex to support energy and protein metabolism for good fertility in eves and high daily gain in lambs
  • Good taste for high intake

Active Substances

Polyphenol Complex

Supports metabolism and health
What is the Sano - polyphenol complex:

Polyphenols are compounds that occur naturally in plants for example, flavonoids and tannins. 

How does the Sano - polyphenol complex work:

Compliments the action of vitamin E.
Protects and regenerates vitamin E.
Neutralises harmful waste products of metabolism.
Antioxidant protection.
Protects important proteins , the cells , the genetic material and the immune system.
Supports the metabolism and resilience.
Supports the performance and useful life.


    Promotes a healthy and efficient udder

    Experienced and successful dairy farmers confirm that Mastitisan® protects against diseases in the udder, and thus has a positive influence on udder health and the cell content of the milk. The milk production increases and the milk quality is improved. In addition, the service life of the animals is increased.

    • Mastitisan® reduces the level of somatic cells in the milk through special cell protection mechanisms.
    • Mastitisan® strengthens the immune system of the cow, preparing the udder for use and promotes healing if mastitis occurrs. This has a very positive effect on the service life of the cows.
    • Mastitisan® promotes the formation of keratin in the teat and strengthens the teat sphincter.
    • Mastisan® promotes effective protection against udder infections.
    • Mastitisan® improves the health of the udder and increases the milk yield of cows.
    • Mastitisan® promotes vital metabolic reactions, strengthens the immune system of the cow, protecting them from ketosis.


    This mineral feed may only be fed to sheep and goats at 15-30 g per animal per day.

    The Sano Quality Promise

    • Quality Ingredients

    • Safe Products

    • Environmental Sustainability

    • Transparency in All Aspects