Premix for Optimal Rumen perfomance


best fertility
best feed conversion ratio
healthy udders
high feed intake
high milk yield
long usage period
  • Increases rumen fill.
  • Increases the digestion of fiber.
  • Promotes hoof health.
  • Strengthens the immune system and udder health. 
  • Promotes fertility.
  • Protects against ketosis. 
  • Increases milk production.

Product Features

  • Concentrated supply of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and active substances for healthy, fertile and productive cows.
  • Kerasan® stabilises hooves.
  • Mastitisan® encourages a high performing udder.
  • Strong focus on rumen protein and energy syncronisation to improve the utilisation of fibres.
  • Specially developed live yeast for rumen stimulation enhances feed intake and rumen efficiency.


Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:

Dairy Cattle


Active Substances


The rumen buffer complex for cattle
The rumen buffer complex SANABI + buffers the rumen of dairy cows and beef cattle , thus improving the rumen environment. The fermentation performance in the rumen increases and encourages a higher feed intake.


Reduces the risk of rumen acidosis.
Improves rumen performance.
Increases feed intake.
Increases milk and fattening.
Optimises the metabolism of the cow.


For optimum rumen performance
What's RumenSan ?
The active ingredient RumenSan is a mixture of selected plant extracts, for example, essential oils. RumenSAN increases feed intake and improves rumen fermentation, for optimal feed conversion and increased energy .


Increased feed intake.
Increased rumen performance.
Improved feed conversion.
Optimised energy supply.


    For healthy hooves and mouths
    Experienced and successful dairy farmers confirm that Kerasan® has a positive impact on the hoof health and thereby increases the daily feed intake of cows by about 1 kg of dry matter leading to an increase in milk production by 2 liters and / or an increase in milk composition (fat and protein). In addition, the fertility is improved,the risk of metabolic diseases (for example, ketosis) is lowered and teh service life of the animals is increased.
    Kerasan® promotes the formation of an intercellular cementing substance between the claw horn cells and protects against claw sole ulcers.
    Kerasan® promotes the formation of keratin and cuticulärem promotes maturation and curing of the claw horn.
    Kerasan® stabilises the claw horn and strengthens the tissue, the tendons and ligaments.
    Kerasan® protects against displacements of the jaw bone (distal phalanx lowering).
    Kerasan® provides effective protection against hoof diseases, displacements of the jaw bone, mouth ulcers and lameness.

      Polyphenol Complex

      Supports metabolism and health
      What is the Sano - polyphenol complex:
      Polyphenols are compounds that occur naturally in plants for example, flavonoids and tannins. 
      How does the Sano - polyphenol complex work:
      Compliments the action of vitamin E.
      Protects and regenerates vitamin E.
      Neutralises harmful waste products of metabolism.
      Antioxidant protection.
      Protects important proteins , the cells , the genetic material and the immune system.
      Supports the metabolism and resilience.
      Supports the performance and useful life.


        Promotes a healthy and efficient udder

        Experienced and successful dairy farmers confirm that Mastitisan® protects against diseases in the udder, and thus has a positive influence on udder health and the cell content of the milk. The milk production increases and the milk quality is improved. In addition, the service life of the animals is increased.

        • Mastitisan® reduces the level of somatic cells in the milk through special cell protection mechanisms.
        • Mastitisan® strengthens the immune system of the cow, preparing the udder for use and promotes healing if mastitis occurrs. This has a very positive effect on the service life of the cows.
        • Mastitisan® promotes the formation of keratin in the teat and strengthens the teat sphincter.
        • Mastisan® promotes effective protection against udder infections.
        • Mastitisan® improves the health of the udder and increases the milk yield of cows.
        • Mastitisan® promotes vital metabolic reactions, strengthens the immune system of the cow, protecting them from ketosis.

        Mipro 800®

        Lactating cow premix for Total Mixed Rations

        Mipro 300

        Vitamin & Mineral for pasture based dairy cows

        Mipro 150

        Mixed Rations for Optimal Rumen performance
        Product Features

        Mipro 800 is a premix for cows of the highest level.

        • Increases rumen function and digestibility.
        • Its is a combination of minerals, vitamins, buffer complexes, rumen promoters, living yeast, protein precursors and fuel for bacteria.
        • Reduces protein costs.
        • Acts as a Buffer for optimum rumen ph.
        • Elemental, natural nitrogen compounds increase the amount of valuable microbial protein in the small intestine.
        • Rumensin increases available energy.
        • Full range of vitamins and minerals for a grass based system.
        • Encourages grass intake when used as part of a Sano pasture concept.

        Mipro 150 is a premix for replacement heifers to ensure optimal health and growth.

        • Its is a combination of Minerals, trace elements, vitamins and substances assist in the development of healthy, fertile and productive cows.
        • Encourages fertility at first AI.
        • Helps heifers to grow well and meet weight targets at AI and calving.
        Product Usage
        • 800g per animal per day, as part of a Sano designed total mixed ration.
        • Use as recommended by your Sano feed Consultant.
        • 300g per cow per day, as part of a Sano designed total mixed ration.
        • Use as recommended by your Sano feed consultant.
        • 150g per heifer per day as part of a Sano designed total mixed ration.
        • Use as recommended by your Sano feed consultant.


        The Sano Quality Promise

        • Quality Ingredients

        • Safe Products

        • Environmental Sustainability

        • Transparency in All Aspects