Mipro Pren®

Mixed Rations for Dry Cows


effective prevention of milk fever
healthy udders
long usage period
optimal start of the lactation
rapid expulsion of placenta
  • Increases fertility.
  • Increases feed absorption.
  • Provides for a healthy udder.
  • Increases feed intake.
  • Increases milk yield.

Product Features

  • Sulphur acts as a potassium antagonist preventing milk fever and protects the amino acids: methionine and cysteine, making them available for metabolism.
  • Provides a large supply of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and active substances for healthy, fertile and productive cows.
  • Kerasan® stabilises hooves.
  • Mastitisan® encourages a high performing udder.
  • Sugar provides the rumen bacteria with rapidly available energy to improve the utilization of nitrogen and crude fiber.
  • Specially developed live yeast for rumen stimulation enhances feed intake and feed utilisation.
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:

Dairy Cattle

dry period

Active Substances


For healthy hooves and mouths
Experienced and successful dairy farmers confirm that Kerasan® has a positive impact on the hoof health and thereby increases the daily feed intake of cows by about 1 kg of dry matter leading to an increase in milk production by 2 liters and / or an increase in milk composition (fat and protein). In addition, the fertility is improved,the risk of metabolic diseases (for example, ketosis) is lowered and teh service life of the animals is increased.

Kerasan® promotes the formation of an intercellular cementing substance between the claw horn cells and protects against claw sole ulcers.
Kerasan® promotes the formation of keratin and cuticulärem promotes maturation and curing of the claw horn.
Kerasan® stabilises the claw horn and strengthens the tissue, the tendons and ligaments.
Kerasan® protects against displacements of the jaw bone (distal phalanx lowering).
Kerasan® provides effective protection against hoof diseases, displacements of the jaw bone, mouth ulcers and lameness.

    Mipro Pren 400®

    Functional premix for the dry-period (Total Mixed Rations)
    Product Features
    • Sugar provides the rumen bacteria with a readily available energy source to synchronize with and improve the utilisation of protein compounds and fibre.
    • Elemental, natural protein compounds prepare the rumen for optimal lactation.
    Product Usage
    • 400 g per dry cow per day.
    • Mipro Pren 400 must be fed throughout the dry period (60 days).
    • Use as advised by your Sano Feeding Consultant.


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