Mipro Close Up®

For optimal lactation preparation shortly before calving


best fertility
best nutrient supply
effective prevention of milk fever
healthy and lively calves
high feed intake
optimal start of the lactation
early rumen development
  • Encourages optimal digestion in the rumen.
  • Increases the supply of minerals.
  • Boosts vitamin intake.
  • Encourages energy and protein synchronisation.

Product Features

  • Anionic salts prevent the occurrence of milk fever in early lactation.
  • High-spec minerals, trace elements and vitamins provide for healthy, fertile and productive cows with a long service life.
  • Live yeast improves rumen function and increases feed intake after calving.
  • Natural nitrogen compounds prepare the rumen for optimal lactation.
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:

Dairy Cattle

dry period


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