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Lying Areas


The Kraiburg Group has established itself as an expert specialist in the rubber business since 1947.

Your specialist in animal house floorings

For more than 45 years,KRAIBURG have been developing rubber mats.

With over 200 employees, who specialise in analysing livestock and with our own development department, we are one of the leading suppliers of animal house floorings.


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Product Features

Kraiburg - WINGFLEX


Kraiburg - ergoBOARD

Product Features
  • Stable wing profile creates permanent softness.
  • Adapts to the cows body shape.
  • Comfortable and eudermic elastic surface.
  • Integrated soft slope to rear edge promotes drying off.
  • Chamfer at the rear edge: gentle on animal joints, no stumbling edge.
  • Compliments the cubicles control devices.
  • Flexible, comfortable and dimensionally stable.
  • Allows for relaxed changing of lying positions.
  • The cow can position themself, to allow for easier rest.
  • Easy on the carpal joints when getting up.
  • Combining with various lying mat systems is possible.
  • Applicable with every mat thickness.
  • Retrofitting is easily possible.
    Product Usage

    Usage as per Product link.


    Usage as per Product link.



    The Sano Quality Promise

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    • Safe Products

    • Environmental Sustainability

    • Transparency in All Aspects