Broiler Sacox®

Premix for broiler fattening during starter and grower phase


High daily weight gain
Higher weight at end of fattening
fewer losses
Good carcass quality
No coccidiosis

Broiler Sacox® - Premix for broiler fattening during starter and grower phase


Effects of Broiler Sacox®

  • Stabilises immune system
  • Ideal faecal consistency
  • Improved growth
  • Healthy animals
  • Improved feed utilisation

Product Features

  • Phytase for better utilisation of Phosphorous, Calcium, Amino acids, and Trace elements
  • Special combination of Vitamins and trace elements for healthy and resiliant broilers
  • Methionine and Lysine for better protein quality in the diet and improved growth
  • Vitamin E and Selenium to strengthen the immune system and for improved muscle growth
  • Biotin for healthy skin and feathers
  • Vitamin D and optimum combination of calcium and phosphorus for stable bones and improved growth
  • Additive Sacox to prevent Coccidiosis


Dosage of Broiler Sacox®
Mix 1.5 % of Broiler Sacox® into the diets for broilers during starter and grower phase. The diets should be optimised by your Sano consultant.

The Sano Quality Promise

  • Quality Ingredients

  • Safe Products

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Transparency in All Aspects