Fitness Dink for Optimal Lactation


best fertility
high feed intake
high milk yield
long usage period
optimal start of the lactation
  • Increases feed intake.
  • Activates the rumen and encourages a quick rumen fill.
  • Improves feed utilisation in the rumen.
  • Encourages a rapid expulsion of the placenta.
  • Prevents abomasal displacement.

Product Features

  • Brewers yeast and linseed meal stimulate the rumen.
  • Acts as an appetite booster by increasing the rumen biomass allowing for optimal feed utilisation and a higher milk yield.
  • Glucose and lactose provide sources of rapidly available energy to alleviate the energy deficits after calving.
  • Supplies Electrolytes which are lost after calving, resulting in a quick physical recovery.
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:

Dairy Cattle


BoviFit Forte®

The fitness drink for cows directly after calving
Product Features
  • Specially developed live yeast stimulates the rumen and enhances feed intake after calving.
  • Niacin, Biotin and B-vitamin complex support and improve the energy metabolism.
  • Provides Glucose and Lactose as a source of readily available energy to assist with energy loss after calving.
  • Electrolytes provide for a quick physical recovery after calving
Product Usage

Dissolve 1 bag of BoviFit Forte (1kg) in 20 liters of warm water (25-30 ° C) and administer to the cow directly after calving.

Allow cow to drink it or drench it.


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