Big Egg 1,25

Premix for egg layers


quality eggs
High egg weight
Stable eggshell

Big Egg 1,25 - Premix for Egg Layers


Effects of Big Egg 1,25

Healthy animals
Laying performance is fully utilised
Good Feathering
Less animal losses


Product Features

  • Phytase for better utilisation of Phosphorous, Calcium, Amino acids, and Trace Elements
  • Methionine for improved protein quality in the diet and to improve the laying performance
  • Vitamin E and Selenium to strengthen the immune system 
  • Biotin for healthy skin and feathers
  • Special combination of substances to intensify the colour of the yolk                                                                                          
  • Flavouring substances for high feed intake
  • Vitamin B complex to support energy and protein metabolism to increase laying performance                                           
  • Optimum combination of minerals and trace elements for stable eggshells


This mineral feed should only be used for poultry up to a maximum of 1.25 % of the daily rations.

The Sano Quality Promise

  • Quality Ingredients

  • Safe Products

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Transparency in All Aspects