Aminogold Forte®

Premix 2,5-3% with active ingredients for fattening pigs and young breeding sows


high lean meat percentage
best feed conversion ratio
healthy fattening pigs
best resistance
balanced growth
strong skeleton and hooves

Effects of Aminogold Forte®

  • increases feed intake
  • improves feed conversion
  • strengthens skeleton and hooves
  • increases resistance
  • encourages even growth

for fattening pigs

  • increases daily gains
  • optimises meat production
  • improves the manure balance

for gilts up to 70 kg

  • promotes even growth
  • supports high fertility

Product Features

  • AromiSan® ensures high feed intake
  • ButySanProtect® to improve intestinal health, feed intake and feed conversion ratio
  • Highly digestible mineral components with a low capacity to bind acids
  • Phytase to improve the utilization of phosphorus, calcium, amino acids, trace elements and to decrease the acid binding capacity of the diet
  • Special combination of vitamins and active ingredients for healthy and resistant pigs
  • SanAmin® to improve protein quality, to reduce acid binding capacity of the feed and for high lean meat percentage
  • StabiloSan® strengthens the heart and promotes the performance of pigs
  • Sano-Polyphenolkomplex® to protect vitamin E and to increase anti-oxidative capacity for improved resistance
  • NSP splitting enzymes to improve feed utilisation and high daily gain
Usable in the following phases of life and phases of performance:

Fattening Pigs

fattening period 1
fattening period 2


rearing period 1

Active Substances


Promotes a healthy heart for high perfomance
StabiloSan® is a special combination of active ingredients that assist in developing resistance in the immune system of the animals, especially in stressful situations and at very high performance. This minimises animal losses due to infectious diseases and cardiovascular failure.

StabiloSan® increases the content of essential and immunostimulatory vitamins in the blood and increases the antioxidant capacity, so that cells, genetic material, membranes are protected.
StabiloSan® strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to disease.
StabiloSan® also promotes the formation of the heart and the eye muscle and protects against sudden cardiac death and back muscle degeneration. The meat quality is improved by a better protection against oxidation of the fat, and the reduction of drip losses.
StabiloSan® helps the sow during the birth process and reduces the incidence of leg weakness.

Your benefits with StabiloSan®:

Reduces loss through cardiac death.
Improved meat quality.
Healthy and resistant piglets.
Longer service life of the sows.
Lower replacement rate.


    Builds protein for higher meat production
    SanAmin® provides optimal protein synthesis in the animal providing for a lot of quality meat .
    Fast growth through ideal protein.
    High lean meat content.
    Best meat quality.
    Standardised carcass quality.
    Beautiful and balanced muscularity.
    Reduce nitrogen excretion improving liquid manure balance.


      To encourage intestinal health and digestion


      ButySanProtect consists of protected butyric acid, which provides an important energy source for the growth of the intestinal villi .

      The villi are responsible for transferring nutrients from the diet into the blood . Butyric  passes through the stomach into the small intestine ,and presents itself in protected form as ButySanProtect . Moreover ButySanProtect contains highly digestible calcium sources with low acid binding capacity .

      The benefits : promotes a healthy intestinal flora, reduces indigestion, increases the feed intake and weight gain, improves feed efficiency.


      The aroma concept for pigs


      AromiSchwein is an active ingredient which is created to suit the preferences of pigs and piglets. Flavors of sweet cherry improve food odor and increase palatability this increasing feed intake.

      The odour of AromiSchwein leads to stimulation, formation and secretion of digestive juices implementing feed conversion.

      Polyphenol Complex

      Supports metabolism and health
      What is the Sano - polyphenol complex:
      Polyphenols are compounds that occur naturally in plants for example, flavonoids and tannins. 
      How does the Sano - polyphenol complex work:
      Compliments the action of vitamin E.
      Protects and regenerates vitamin E.
      Neutralises harmful waste products of metabolism.
      Antioxidant protection.
      Protects important proteins , the cells , the genetic material and the immune system.
      Supports the metabolism and resilience.
      Supports the performance and useful life.



        Add 3% Aminogold® Forte to the ration optimised by your Sano feeding consultant (88% T) for fattening pigs weighing 30 to 70 kg. In the final period of 70 to 115 kg mix Aminogold® Forte with 2.5% in the ration.

        GILTS UP TO 70 kg
        Mix 3% Aminogold® Forte in the ration from 30 to 70 kg for your gilts optimised by your Sano feeding consultant.

        The Sano Quality Promise

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        • Safe Products

        • Environmental Sustainability

        • Transparency in All Aspects